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For learners of Irish
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  Link   Gaeilge in Brisbane
Want to join a group in Brisbane? Go to https://www.facebook.com/GaeilgeInBrisbane/ and the email address for the group .... gaeilgeagcasadhnahabhann@gmail.com
  Link   Canberra Irish Language Association
Scoil Gaeilge 2017, Irish language school 2017
  Link   Teanglann
Dictionaries Grammmar Pronunciation
  Link   Vifax
From NUI Maynooth, TG4 news items and related exercises.
  Link   Gaeilge gan Stró - Beginners Level
  Link   Philo-Celtic Society School
  Link   Learn Irish and Everyday Irish by Liam Ó Maonlaí
  Link   Easy Irish - if you've learnt it before
An RTE refresher course.
  Link   Logaim.ie - place names
  Link   Bitesize Irish Gaelic
  Link   speak tumblr in Irish
  Link   Daltai
  Link   abair.ie
Synthesised voice speaks your written sentences.
  Link   Oideas Gael
Ag Gleann Cholm Cille
  Link   teg.ie
Good syllabus and resources.
  Link   Book - Buntús na Gaeilge Irish for Adult Learners
Buntús na Gaeilge - Irish for Adult Learners by Barbara Hillers and Bettina Kimpton. 200 pages. Free to download.
  Link   BBC Beginners Irish Lessons
Good Irish lessons for beginners.
  Link   Answers to "Progress in Irish"
Answers to the exercises in Máiréad Ní Ghráda's book.
  Link   Hofshi - Courses for learning Irish
  Link   Animated resources
  Link   Games, listening and reading simple Irish
  Link   Ranganna oíche Gaeilge Ghaelchultúr
Evening classes in Ireland.
  Link   Talk Irish
Quizzes and games.
  Link   An Gramadóir
Grammar checker.
  Link   Books from Cló Maigh Eo
Leabhair Ghaeilge do pháistí agus do dhaoine óga.