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 FAQs about Us and Classes and Comhrá


Register to attend Irish language classes and conversation

Please email ILSS@IrishLanguageSchoolSydney.org.au and tell us what class you want to attend:

Beginners level class -  online

Medium level class - online

Conversation - online


When and where are classes?

Classes are on Monday nights 6 to 8 pm, either at the Irish Cultural Centre (Gaelic Club), 1/64 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills, near Central railway station, or online.


Are classes held throughout the year?

From the first Monday in February, to the second Monday in December inclusive, Except there are no classes on any public holiday. 


Is there a class to suit me?

The classes are intended to allow anyone to learn or re-learn Irish. There are classes at two or three levels plus a Monday conversation group.
There is one class for absolute beginners, typically Australians who have never learnt Irish.
Another class for people with a greater facility at Irish, and who may have learnt Irish at school in Ireland but want to brush up on the language, including the grammar.
And a third may become available for people who are fairly confident speakers but who want to extend their skills in the language.

Our conversation group also meets on Monday evenings. It is informal and relaxed and can vary from four to ten participants. Although not everybody  has quite the same command of the language, everyone is willing to have a go and this adds interest and spontaneity. Topics are not pre-arranged and range from news and current affairs to the personal and general chit chat.  We constantly aim to increase our vocabulary range as well as to extend the other language skills with the overall aim of improving fluency.


What is the cost of classes?

The first lesson is free.  As of May 2021 the class fees are $5 per night (or $2 for concession card holders). You can pay by the term $50 (or $20 concession). A term is 10 weeks.


Are there any classes for children?

We do not have classes designed for children. However children over about 12 years of age with a parent or guardian are welcome. 


Are the teachers paid?

Teachers may be paid on honorarium. 


Do I need to buy a text book or pay for anything else?

The teachers will recommend a book to you.


I have another question who do I ask?

Please contact us through the Contacts page.


 Updated 2021-05-22

 FAQs about us


1. What is the Irish Language School Sydney – Scoil na Gaeilge Sydney - Inc (ILSS SnaG)?

We are a group of adults, living in Sydney and surrounding areas, who want to speak the Irish language.

2. When was the ILSS started?

We started on 16 July 2007 when we were established as an independent not-for-profit association set up under New South Wales law.

3. Is the ILSS independent?

Yes. We are an independent, not-for profit body set up under NSW law. We elect our own committee, determine our activities and control our own funds.

4. Why did you set up the ILSS?

We wanted to:
(a) undertake Irish language education in New South Wales,
(b) advance Irish language education in Australia, and
(c) promote, control and carry on such activities as the committee of the association may deem appropriate in support of Irish language education.

5. What does ILSS do?

Our principal activity is holding classes for adults; we hold weekend conversations groups and organise an annual live-in Irish-language winter School, called the ‘Scoil Gheimhridh Sydney’.

6. How is ILSS funded?

Class members pay fees for classes. In addition we have received cash grants and prizes, as well as support in kind.

Notable support has been given by the Irish Government’ Department of Foreign Affairs under the Emigrant Support Program, and previous schemes, to run the Winter School, Scoil Gheimhridh. We have also received money from the Muiris Ó Suilleabháin, Sydney St Patrick’s Day Parade plus grants from Seachtain na Gaeilge, Glor na nGael, Ireland to support activities. Many Irish language organisations have supported us in kind, over the years including Foras na Gaeilge, Comhluadar, Saol, Foinse, and BBC Northern Ireland.

7. Can I join the ILSS?

You can attend classes without joining the ILSS. However you can join the ILSS. The application form is available here.  When you are a member you accept the constitution, you receive emails from the committee about activities, and you can borrow from our library of Irish language books and CDs.

8. What does membership cost?

The committee sets the Joining fee and annual Membership fee.
As of May 2021 both of these fees are nil. See too the FAQs about classes for the current fees.


9. Who is on the Committee, as of 6 September 2021

President: Jason Ashmore

Vice President: Eva Millington

Secretary: Aharon Danieli

Treasurer: Greg Hurst

General Committee: Therese Hanrahan, Cheryl Humphreys, and Jacqui Belliu.



If you have another question, please contact us through the Contacts Page.


Amhrán na gcupán Anseo 



Updated 2021-09-12