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Upcoming Events - Details

when: 14.04.2008 | 19.00 h - 20.00 h  
Event title Brigid and Mary talk
Where: Gaelic Club - Surry Hills
Category: Language School
Event description:
Mary (Maebh) O'Connell will be giving a delightful talk on the Brigid and Mary stories in Gaelic culture on Monday April 14 at the Gaelic Club. Talk 7-7.30, then questions after that dancing!!!

Be enticed, be enchanted by Maebh's  Brigid and Mary talk. Bring a friend.

‘and anyway she was always going about with the Mother of God.’
 the Brigid and Mary stories in Gaelic culture.

In the oral traditions of both Gaelic Ireland and Scotland, stories abound in which Mary, the Mother of God is assisted and supported by the dynamic, resourceful and miracle working Brigid. In most of these stories, the conflation of space and time is of little import. On a deep level these stories reflect and manifest an integration and reconciliation of potentially conflicting elements, a meeting place of Celt and Christian. Moreover they provided women with two powerful and divine feminine figures to apply to for protection, support and sympathy. With the decline of spoken Irish (and Scots Gaelic) however, the maternal spiritual universe of Ireland shrank under rising ideologies of rationality, and new constructions of femininity. An English speaking and increasingly centralised Catholicism reduced the Celtic divine feminine to a more minor role; one further elided in the diasporic communities who had lost both language and landscape.

Blurb about Maebh:

Mary O'Connell is an historian and writer. She is the author of a widely acclaimed historical novel about the twelfth century Rhineland mystic and musician Hildegard of Bingen.  'The King's Daughter: a medieval romance'  - was praised by the SMH as ' an extraordinary achievement' and a work full of 'surprise, delight and instruction'. She has recently completed her PhD in Australian history with the story of the Irish Australian visionary Eileen O'Connor (1892-1921) - co-founder of Sydney's Brown Nurses (Our Lady's Nurses for the Poor) in 1912. Mary is also a very poor student of Gaeilge.

 At the Gaelic Club, Upstairs in the Four Province Bar, 64 Devonshire Street Sydney, nera Central Railway.
 Further details from Éilis 0424 718 538
Venue Gaelic Club
Homepage: www.gaelicclub.com.au  
Street: Level 1, 64 Devonshire Street
ZIP: NSW 2010
City Surry Hills
Country: NS